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The Domain

Age & Niche

This domain is around 6 months old and only used by one owner.

This listing website allow visitors to create an account and post their Minecraft servers on.

Anyone can register and moderation has been added for who can post and what they can post.

Visitors can few and join the servers or list their own. A rating system has also been added for peoples posts.

Website fully secure and mailing setup.

Website Features

  • Memberships.
  • Easy login, logout and register.
  • Moderated posting.
  • Gaming Website.
  • User posting.
  • Secure.
  • Mailing System setup.
  • Anti bot detection.
  • Usable blog.
  • Previous links form relevant website.
  • Custom created theme.
  • Fully up to date.
  • Full SSL Certificate.
  • Includes a Discord.

How Does This Work?

My dance shift booking service is a template we use for gentleman clubs to easy book dancers and give them a place to communicate which isnt on a social platform.

This dancer booking service will allow new dancers to register and once vetted by the manager added to the website to be allowed to book in.

Once registered they can book, cancelled and even post on the group in certain categories, and also see the managers announcement’s.

The manager portal is an easy way for the manager to have a place to control everything including bookings, submissions forms and more. We also added percentage calculators for end of day cashing out of dancers.


The template for this website has been kept simple to suit any type of business and customized to look individual.

You club logos can be presented anywhere and you can also have multiple clubs in our site, meaning you can keep control of them all.

This online booking system can also function for many other booking services.

From salons, mechanics and anywhere else you need an online portal for booking people or services this will be your best answer.

Website Features

  • Profiles.
  • Manager approved registration.
  • Easy booking service.
  • Cancelations form.
  • Payment penalty forms.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Keep dancer info in 1 safe place.
  • Keep security info in 1 safe place.
  • Manager portal.
  • Extra privacy/security for content.
  • Self posting in categories for staff.
  • Tax and inventory calculators.
  • Easy management portal with guides.

The Domain

food blog recipes

Age & Niche

The age of the domain and website are around 1 year now.

Its been maintained by one owner and has kept the design simply but effective for anyone to upload new Recipes to their blog.

This would suit a blogger who is starting up and simply wants a place to post easily into categories and start building traffic.

The website is sold with the remained of the domain life and the complete website.

food blogging website 2

Website Features

  • Pre made categories.
  • Easy recipe posting.
  • Custom food theme.
  • No paid plugins.
  • Security.
  • Anti copy protection.
  • Mail & SMTP configured.
  • Role editor enabled.
  • Simple design.
  • Easily customizable.
  • Well optimized.
  • Fully up to date.
  • Full SSL Certificate.

food blogging website

The Domain

Age & Niche

The domain is 12 years old and has some good age with it. Originally this was a project for an expired domain.

We found some bad backlinks and cleaned up the whole domain by removing any links manually through google.

This is now a great little blog as it holds some domain rating and has many backlinks already going to it.

The blog is simple and works primarily as a general blog.

Website Features

  • Great expired domain.
  • 12 year old domain.
  • 1,350 backlinks.
  • Simple and ready to blog.
  • Security.
  • Full SSL certificate.
  • Custom design.
  • Blogging categories ready.
  • Ready to go blog.
  • Domain authority.

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