SEO & Marketing

search engine optimization

Use our great value service to rank your website higher in search engines, get found easier by customers and really start to grow your business. We fully optimise your websites content and post regularly for you to grow your brand and business.

£80 £50 /month

  • 2 Social Media Posts pw
  • 1 Website Blog Post pw
  • Listed on 10 Directories
  • Optimize Website SEO
  • No Contract

£150 £100 /month

  • 4 Social Media Posts pw
  • 2 Website Blog Post pw
  • Listed on 20 Directories
  • Optimize Website SEO
  • No Contract

£350 £200 /month

  • 1 Custom Advertising Video pm
  • 10 Social Media Posts pw
  • 4 Website Blog Post pw
  • Listed on 40 Directories
  • Optimize Website SEO
  • No Contract

What You Get With Our Service?

Need to grow business on your website or at a physical location?
We provide 3 great packages for any level of advertising and SEO for your website.

Social Media Posting

Have you got tones of offers, new products or services but struggle with the time to post on your social media? Look no further as we can do it for you. Depending on your package you get a number of social media posts every week specifically designed for your business. So start to grow your audience, send the right people to your products and grow your brand with our social media posting service.

Blog Posting On Your Website

One of the best ways to start ranking higher on google and other search engines is not only adding the relevant SEO to your pages but to post regularly about well researched keywords or phrases to lead the right visitors to your website. We research every post we create to specifically grow the right audience for your website and get you showing up on search engines for the right search terms. All posts are between 500 – 1000 words long.

Directory Listing For Your Business

Did you know that as well as the well known paid directory listings, there are hundreds of free directory listings in the UK that you can sign your business up for? This does take some time and effort, also some knowledge of knowing which ones to post on. With our packages you get listed on these directories for your service. Meaning you will show up more often, have more links pointed toward your site and get many more visitors for your desired service.

Optimize Your Website SEO

We not only use the best techniques to optimise your off page SEO with your socials but we also improve all your on page SEO. By this we add or correct content to make sure its getting the most amount of visitors on that page of which are searching for this subject. We make sure that you have the right keywords added through out your pages. Furthermore we take a look at your images and make sure the data is getting read by the search engines for your intended purpose. And this is just some of the improvements we will make.