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Website Services

Website Design

We can work with you to create a website form the very start, just get in contact and then we can work together to draft up your perfect website. Then it’s just a case of leaving it with us and we will go ahead and design what you asked for. We have multiple checks throughout the process and also after its finished to check everything is looking as you want it to be.

Website Maintenance & Improvements

Have you already got a pre existing website but have lost touch with the developer or simply dont have time to update it? Arrange to chat with us and we can let you know any new features we can add, how we can tidy it all up and modernise it or simply add new content to it that you request.

Securing Your Website

If your worried about security on your site then we can certainly help with that. You can either choose a monthly package for us to constantly maintain the security on your website or a simple package to get all the security you need added with a tutorial on how to check and maintain it yourself.

Website Migration

Have you brought a new domain but want to transfer your old website to it? We can migrate your website the very same day for you and have you set up and ready to go with your new domain but using your pre existing website. And all for much less than you might expect.

E Commerce Website

If you want to start selling online, there has never been a better time. We can set you up with a fully functional e commerce shop with products, variations, customer reward points, subscriptions and much more. So whether your looking for a small online shop or a large whole sale operation, we are happy to help.

Indexing Your Website

We can index your site with both Google & Bing for a one of price, meaning your websites pages will be understood better by the search engines and from that shown more to traffic searching for anything in your relevance. Along with that we can also add you to google or clicky analytics to get the most accurate analytics for your website.

Marketing Services

Advertising On Your Socials

Always forgetting to add that post on your Facebook or Instagram? Although most businesses are fully aware that advertising on your socials is an important part of marketing your business, its simply hard to find the time to do it. With our service there is no more need to remember or stress about forgetting to add a picture, job or service you wanted to show. Let our team post weekly on your socials with your latest work, website, other socials and really help grow your business.

Blog Posting On Your Website

Regularly blogging is key to building your websites SEO by using the right keywords to drive the traffic you want to your website. Unfortunately like most other things in life you simply dont have enough time in the day to write a 1000 word article to get more traffic to your website. Our team however does, and we are highly experienced in getting the correct content out to make sure your website is ranking higher in google and other popular search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Making sure your entire website is search engine optimised is essential for anyone looking to rank well with search engines. You need the right meta descriptions, image data, keywords and much more to make sure your SEO is on point. Our team will make sure your website is constantly updated so its got the highest chances of ranking. We also add your website to the Google and Bing index to make sure all the pages are showing and easily findable for search engines. Along with that we also add you to all local and regional free directory listings every month to make sure that you are showing up everywhere when someone is looking for your service.

Media Manager

With this service you simply upload your pictures to one shared file with us. And just like that they will all be uploaded to all your socials and website. Meaning that all you need to do is send us over the pictures of any completed jobs and they will be updated within 24 hours anywhere you have allowed us to post. This is a perfect service for any flooring, building, gardening or any other services business that wants to keep their latest work pictures up to date.

Video Promotions & Adverts

We can provide intros, showcases of your work and other media to use for your socials or website to attract a larger audience. From YouTube intros to full video ads to run on Facebook, TikTok or Instagram.

Video Editing

Professionally edited videos. Simply send us your clips with a brief about how you want the video to end up. We can edit your video to any specification. With this package we will edit all your clips into a video of 5 minutes in total length once edited. You will receive a HD fully edited video with amazing transition, great sound and all done to a profffetional standard.