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How to Embed YouTube Shorts on WordPress Websites & Blogs

If you’re looking to bring life to your WordPress website with engaging video content, YouTube Shorts is a great option. YouTube Shorts are vertical, short-form videos that are optimized for mobile devices and designed to capture viewers’ attention in a matter of seconds.

However, if you’ve tried embedding YouTube Shorts videos on your WordPress website before, you may have noticed that it’s not as straightforward as embedding regular YouTube videos. In-fact its just infuriating that it only gives you a link! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to embed YouTube Shorts videos on your WordPress website.

What is Embedding?

First, let’s clarify what we mean by embedding. When you embed a video, you’re essentially displaying a video player on your website that plays the video directly from the video hosting platform, in this case, YouTube. Embedding allows viewers to watch the video without leaving your website, which can be beneficial for increasing engagement and reducing bounce rates.

How To Embed YouTube Shorts Guide

Now, let’s get into the steps for embedding YouTube Shorts videos on your WordPress website.

Step 1: Find the YouTube Shorts Video You Want to Embed

The first step is to locate the YouTube Shorts video you want to embed. Make sure to respect the rules about embedding content that isn’t yours.

Step 2: Open the YouTube Shorts Video and Copy the URL

Once you’ve found the YouTube Shorts video you want to embed, if on a phone then open it in the YouTube app. Next, tap on the “Share” icon below the video. From the Share menu, select the “Copy Link” option to copy the video’s URL to your clipboard.

If your using pc then click share and copy the link.

Step 3: Create a New Post or Page on Your WordPress Website

Open the dashboard of your WordPress website and create a new post or page where you want to embed the YouTube Shorts video. Alternatively go to the section of your WordPress page or post you want to add it too.

Step 4: Add a Text Block

Unlike normal embedding, dont use a html block and instead use a text block. This also works for elementor.

Step 5: Paste the YouTube Shorts Video URL into the Text Block

In the text block, paste the YouTube Shorts video URL you copied in step 2. This can sometimes take a minute to show you the preview. I find previewing the page will give it enough time to load and show up.

Step 6: Preview Your Post or Page

Once you’ve added the YouTube Shorts video URL to the text block, you can preview your post or page to see if the video is displaying correctly. If the video is displaying properly, you’re good to go! If not, double-check that you’ve correctly added the video URL to the text block.


That’s it! By following these simple steps, you can easily embed YouTube Shorts videos on your WordPress website. Note that embedding YouTube Shorts videos may not work with all WordPress themes or page builders, so you may need to experiment with different settings or consult your website developer for additional support. The standard WordPress editor and elementor have worked well so far as of my testing.

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