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How to Best Structure Your Blog Post To Rank On Google

Are you struggling to show up on google with your blog posts? Don’t let the frustration win. Follow these tips for your post to rank faster and for longer.

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Why Your Articles Might Not Be Ranking

Before we go over this method, first let’s look into why your post might not be ranking well on google.

Can You Read The Post Well?

Firstly, we need to look at how easy it is to read. Is the grammar good and do the sentences make sense?

If they don’t, your audience that has been directed here, has most likely quickly left and there for told google that it isn’t a good answer for their question. Make sure to check what you wrote, and also double check it makes sense for the title of your post.

Can They Find The Answer?

If the reader has troubles finding the answer for the search query, again they will leave the site and give what you can image as a bad reference as google can see they looked else where.

You need to double check that they can find the answer they need quickly and with enough information and links to support it. Linking to outside sites isn’t bad if they help the reader get his or her answer.

Table of contents can help for this as they provide a way for the user to easily navigate through the headings of your post.

Have You Checked Your Title?

When writing a title about a subject, you need to make sure it includes keywords of what the searcher would be searching for.

For instance, if you want to write a post about the benefits of yoga for over 30’s. The title “My best exercise tips” would not work as well as “Top 10 Benefits of Doing Yoga For under 30’s” which includes keywords that people would search for if they wanted to find such an article.

How To Best Structure Your Post

Here we get to the main point of the post. What is the best structure to use when writing your blog post so that it will rank well with google.

1. Research your title

First things first is researching your title so that it includes keywords that people might search for. By doing this you ensure your article shows up for users searching for relevant issues.

You can do this by using the programs below to find out the best Title to use.

  • ChatGPT (Free) Sign up for free and ask the AI.
  • Semrush (Paid) Subscribe and research keyword volume for your title.
  • Ahrefs (Paid) Subscribe and research keyword volume for your title.
  • Moz (30 Day Free Trial) Subscribe and research the best keywords.
  • Elementor (Free) Use the AI title generator on your elector builder.

2. Write a catchy first paragraph

The first paragraph the user reads will often give them a good representation of what they can expect. Make sure you mention how it will benefit user by reading your article, remember there are thousands of other articles. So starting with a bold statement is best to make sure they stay.

  • Include your main keywords.
  • Inform them the benefits of reading your post.
  • Keep it short and to the point (approx 160 characters)

3. How to structure the post

Now this is one of the most important parts to make your post stand out and rank well with google with best SEO practises. This works especially well with top 10’s 20’s etc.

  1. Main heading 1, the title.
  2. Short catchy first paragraph.
  3. Picture (As original as possible) Canva is free to use.
  4. Table of content. You can use a free plugin or element or.
    Now after this you follow each heading the same manner or similar.
  5. Heading 2 (With link to subject)
  6. Picture that visually describes the heading.
  7. Written description of the heading.
  8. Heading 3 With explanation like “Top Features” or “Top Benefits”.
  9. Bullet point list of the main points in description.
    Now follow this structure for your headings until the conclusion.


The most important thing to remember, is that the better the experience is for each user, the more Google will promote you to others searching for similar things.

Provide the best experience for your audience and the longer they spend, and more they interact it will give google the information it needs to rank your post higher in the results.

And if all else fails we have some very competitive SEO packages to help rank your site with not only posts but well optimised pages, images and links.

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