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What Is SEO And How Can It Help Grow My Business With SEO?

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is optimizing your website to be shown first on popular search engines such as Google, Bing or other well known ones. Optimizing comes in many different ways and there is more than f=goes into it that many think.

Keywords For SEO

Keyword or phrase is something you might hear of a lot when you have a website that your looking to grow. These are words or phrases within your website content that will get searched by search engines and displayed to anyone searching for this content.

For instance if I’m searching for work shoes in Gosport you can see how Bing has selected the articles related to my search and even highlights them.

Unfortunately its not quite as easy as adding keywords everywhere to rank (google bots can tell if your keyword stuffing). You need to study what keywords work, how they are used to rank and what ways the competition has used them to rank higher.

The keywords have to then be added organically and in the right words and images. Search engines see your website as lots of data so that’s why you need to get the keywords on the right data to rank higher. And that’s exactly why hiring a professional can get this job done well. Take a look at our SEO & Marketing packages in Gosport.

Links To Your Website

As you might have experienced getting links to your website from relevant websites is hard. Most requests get ignored and people generally aren’t happy to just link you when randomly requested through email.

Many SEO agency’s solely rely on backlinks to grow their customer website but this only proves efficient from the data point of view rather than real world improvements. If you pay for backlinks you never know how long the linking site will be up for, its spam score or many other things you need to consider before backlinking to your site.

The best way to grow your backlinks is by creating content that other blogs that are relevant want to link to. If you can create such an article that it alone ranks, other websites want to link and show the good information you show. This brings in the most organic backlinks and all comes with our blogging and SEO service.

Another great way to grow backlinks is by adding your website to many local directories, you not only get links but also more search results that point to your service

Off Site SEO & Marketing

Another way to grow your website is by linking to it with socials. Social sites are a great discovery platform and by regularly posting you keep your brand in peoples mind. Leading to further trust down the link when it comes to getting a product or service that you provide.

By posting with deals, information or just sharing your blog posts or news will increase traffic on both ends and also be seen by search engines as more more interaction with your site.

SEO & Marketing In The UK

Using SEO is a fantastic and one of the best ways to grow your website so it ranks higher in search engines. Don’t be fooled by cheap prices and massive promises though. SEO isn’t an easy thing that someone can do in a few nights other wise everyone would be doing it.

Don’t get taken in by cowboys and make sure you get the quote from a professional. We advice realistic time scales and what the result will be. We work by adding quality researched content rather and work rather than just relying on backlinks from self build blogs.

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