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Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins You Can Use For Your Website

These are the top ten free plugins for WordPress which you can use for a variety of things. Use these free downloads to improve your website.

How To Look For A Good Plugin?

When looking for the 10 free WordPress plugins for this article there were a few things I considered. As you get many free plugins but some are only good once you get the paid for version. So looking for these things will really help.


Check the latest ratings as well as the overall amount. Sometimes plugins haven’t updated and the newer versions might be incompatible or simply not work as well.


Plugin Details

Read the details before downloading as it often given you a list of the free features followed by what you can get extra with the paid version. So you can find out what you don’t get with the free version by checking this.

Functionality With Other Plugins

Check to see it functions with other well know plugins such as ellementor, contactform 7 or any other plugins or themes you know you use.

The Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins List

These are in no particular order but just a list of 10 best free WordPress plugins in my opinion. This isn’t fact as everyone’s opinions can differ. The reason for ranking these are due to a number of reasons and most of all having lost of features for the free version with out needing to go pro or premium.

1. Forminator Form & Payment Plugin

Form, Quiz, Poll and Payment Plugin.

Forminator Key Features:

  • Payment Method with PayPal or Stripe.
  • Easily creatable forms.
  • Submissions management and email notification.
  • Create polls and quizzes.
  • Anti spam and re captcha options.
  • Easy pagination.
  • What if and calculator field options.

About The Forminator Plugin

This amazing plugin will not only create any sort of form easily but has great multifunction’s as well as being a form. You can set calculation fields to add a score as the visitors answers the questions. Payment fields can be added easily and connected to your payment methods.

Pagination is made easy and makes your forms completed page by page, as well as this you can show certain fields only if certain choices have been picked. For free you also get a use of the questionnaire and poll maker. Meaning you can also create one easily which your visitors can fill out online.

Unlike some plugins which limit your ability to see all your submissions, Forminator lets you view all submissions and manage them easily.

2. WP Cerber Security Plugin

Security, Login Protection, Bot Protection and Firewall.

Wp Cerber Key Features:

  • ReCaptcha integration.
  • Login limiting.
  • Login Slug editor.
  • Firewall.
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Disable PHP in uploads
  • Prevent username discovery via user XML sitemaps
  • Login notifications.
  • Security notifications.

About Wp Cerber Plugin

This security is one of the best free plugins for this purpose. Its a fantastic general WordPress security plugin and it deals with many threats instantly.

You can add re captcha to your login forms, registrations forms, comments, forgotten password form and even integrate it for woocomerce. Meaning that you can stop bot spam instantly.

It shows you a login activity to make sure no other logins have been successful or if you do have other users then you see where and when they logged in.

It has many extra functions which you normally need other plugins for but you get them all in one by using he hardening option whilst setting up. This is a great security plugin and very effective for free with out needing a pro version.

3. All In One SEO – AIOSEO

Increase SEO, edit search engine & social sharing appearance.

AIOSEO Key Features:

  • Edit your search engine appearance.
  • Edit your social share appearance.
  • Increase on & off page SEO with helpful tool.
  • Sitemap
  • htaccess editor.
  • Keyword tracker.
  • Link assesing.

About AIOSEO Plugin

This has definitely got to be one of the best 10 free WordPress plugins due to the importance of SEO.

When creating a page or post you will be given a score based on different categories that help build your SEO for your website. Now all you have to do is follow the suggestions to end up with a really optimized page or post which is likely to rank.

Editing your search appearance on search engines or socials makes you stand out from the other competition as you get to show the title, description and image you want when people share or find your content on search results.

4. WP-Foro Forum Plugin

Forum, membership, member profiles.

Wp Foro Key Features:

  • Login & Registration
  • Membership and profiles
  • Separate Forum and topics sections
  • Easy Setup
  • Email notifications

About WP Foro Plugin

This is a great free plugin that gives you full forum features. No need to download separate membership or login plugins. Wp-Foro has got the sign in, registration, password forgotten and every other aspect covered.

Configuring the server is simple and you can change it to suit any niche. Users with the correct roles can post topics, reply and it even gives you notification widgets so users see if they have notifications once logged in.

From my experience this is one of the best forum plugins due tot he features you get and how easy they are to setup and maintain. And its for free!

5. WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

Stops people copying your text content or screen shooting or saving/copying images from your website.

WP Content Copy Protection Features:

  • No copying of written content
  • No right click
  • No image saving
  • No Screen capture

About WP Content Copy Protection Plugin

Are you tired of creating great content only for some one to come along and copy and paste the entire section? This plugins stop user being able to right click, but also unable to select the text areas entirely. Meaning that unless they sit and type it word by word, they wont be taking your content.

Along with that it stops people trying to screen capture using most known screen capturing features. There are of course work arounds this (such as recording the screen and capturing this image, as I had to do for the picture below) but realistically if you put the hurdle in the way. The person that is trying to take the content will likely move on to an easier place to steal content from.

Its also includes a warning if someone is trying to continually capture images.

6. Elementor Website Builder Plugin

Drag and drop page and post builder.

Elementor Features:

  • Drag and drop website builder
  • AIOSE compatibility
  • Free themes and blocks
  • Compatible with many other plugins to give you more block features.
  • Creates templates of pages you can re use on other websites
  • Can customise almost every element of a page or post

About Elementor Website Builder Plugin

In my opinion this is one of the best website builders for WordPress. It allows you to customize so many different elements on your website giving you a totally unique website design compared to using only themes.

As the Elementor plugin is so well known there are many add-ons that give you lots more features and blocks you can use. Even animated blocks!
Free elementor add-ons include:

7. Booking Calendar Plugin

Online WordPress booking calendar and form.

Booking Calendar Features:

  • Booking form
  • Booking calendar
  • Visitor viewable calendar
  • Display pending and already booked days
  • Use for logged in or not logged in users
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Email notifications

More About Booking Calendar WordPress plugin

This comprehensive booking plugin gives you all the features you might need for a front end booking form and all for free.

Create easy booking forms with email notifications for both parties. Choose whether to show the calendar on the front end and also divide each day into time slots that are bookable.

This booking plugin is highly customizable and a great addition to any website needing a booking form.

8. Koko Analytics Plugin

Free and easy WordPress analytics.

Koko Analytics Plugin Features:

  • Plug and play plugin
  • Instant analytics
  • Shows referral websites
  • Shows Pages, visitors and page views

More About Koko Analytics

This is by far one of the easiest analytics to install for free and start getting and idea of what pages are been visited and from where.

You simply install and start reading your analytics, it shows you the top pages, page views and also visitor numbers on the pages. As well as this you can find the referrals so you know what website is sending them to you.

9. All In One Video Gallery Plugin

Display videos on your website with SEO and a search function.

All In One Video Gallery Features:

  • Upload your own videos
  • Share from Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms
  • Add thumbnails
  • Compatible with AIOSEO
  • Easy video dashboard management
  • Shorts codes for different search bars you require
  • Custom video controls

More About All In One Video Gallery

This brilliant free plugin gives you the ability to have your own videos pages showing. The videos can be uploaded yourself or easily linked from another platform. Once linked you can also add thumbnails, times of videos to show and also descriptions.

Its integrated with AIOSE so you can also add the relevant SEO to each video along with tags and categories to make it searchable.

Using the short codes you can easily setup your video pages to preview as you need, along with how you want your users to search for your videos. You can preview this on a page I have setup using this plugin on

10. Site Reviews Plugin

Create review pages and forms for reviews on your website.

Site Review Key Features:

  • Easy setup
  • Leave reviews and stars
  • Easy shortcode for pages
  • Manage reviews

More About Site Review Plugin

This amazing free plugin will allow you to create your own review section for your business or website. The users can easily leave a review, along with a star rating for your services.

Its even allows you to set a minimum star rating you will allow to post straight away and anything under that will be held for review first. Stopping any competitors or spams trolls from leaving bad feedback vindictively.

Setup is easy with short codes you can sue to display the review sections or nay post or page you want to.


After taking a look at Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins I’m sure you would have found at least 1 or 2 that will benefit you and your website. All the plugins above have a free version which has been described above, some also have a premium version but none of the features have been mentioned in this article so you get a good idea of the free features.

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