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How To Get Website Analytics Free

Keeping up with the important data on your website is vital and not all analytic tools are paid for. So lets see how to get website analytics free.

website analytics free with WordPress

Koko Plugin To Get Website Analytics Free

So to get our analytics for free with easy setup and no configuration we will be using Koko Analytics. This super easy service will give you website analytics free, no limitations are placed and the pro version is optional.

This simple and easy analytics plugin is one of the easiest to install and use out of all of them and has some good precision with the data is shows. You will get to see how many page views your having. How many different visitors and also where they were reffered from.

So lets take a look at how to install this free analytics plugin on WordPress and start seeing where visitors go on your website. For this all you need a website and WordPress hosting so you can edit.

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Guide On How To Get Website Analytics Free

  1. Log into the back end of your WordPress website.
  2. Go to your Plugins section, and go to Add New.
  3. Search for koko analytics.
  4. Press Install then Activate on koko analytics.

Its that simple, the analytics will now start to count any visitors you have on your website, what pages they visit and also where they came from to see what is the best source of traffic.

How To Read Your Website Analytics

First lets get started with the dates you want to read the data. For this on the top left you can select the time period of which you want the data to show.

Your Selected Time Period Data

Underneath you will also find a graph showing you this data for the time period you have selected, this shows you both page views and visitors for each day.

Your Website Analytics Page Views & Visitors

Now if you head down to the bottom left of the dashboard you can find the page views and visitor numbers on your website. This will show you how many page views for each page listed you have had, along with how many unique visitors you have had on your website.. This will be in the selected time period you have chosen from the top of the page.

See Where Your Visitors Came From

You can also track where you visitors have been sent from to judge what the best source of marketing or social media has been. On the bottom right of the dashboard you can find the refers section which will show you the source from where the visitors have come from.

This is a great way to see what websites are linking to you, from what social media the visitors have came from and how your blog or website has grown in general. Making this one of the easiest way to get website analytics free.

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