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The Benefits of Using an SEO Consultant to Rank Higher on Search Engines

How using an SEO consultant can help increase your visitors, sales and rankings with popular search engines.

Optimising Your Existing Content

By optimising existing content, we can turn pages that don’t rank at all into powerful pages that bring in more visitors that are searching for such a service, product or information. Sometimes all that is needed is to add some researched keywords within already great content to start getting your page better read by search engines.

I also aim to optimise all images so that the metadata that tells search engines what the image is, is easily readable by them. There for recognised to show for more people within your niche.

Build Relevant Links

Building links the right way can do wanders to your website, however many SEO consultants will simply build them from blog networks that are often discovered and eventually work against your rankings.

At YLS Studio I always make sure that the links are natural, coming from relative sites and don’t come from PBN blogs. I believe it might take longer to get a good link but when you do it will help you for the future much better.

Add New Targeted Content

Great SEO is about adding great content, a good consultant will research and create authentic content that points to your main point of sale pages or informational pages.

One thing I work hard for with all my clients is to provide well researched and properly put together articles in the area we want to rank for. This comes with all our SEO packages, and I believe very firmly that the great content will always give any website boost in rankings.

Directory Listings

Getting added to directory listings is a great way to grow your SEO but also increase business in general. This is something I do with all my clients as it works well in many ways to help with your website domain authority.

Research Competition

To be a good SEO consultant you need to research the competition to find the best way to out rank them. SEO is competitive and many companies will have consultant so don’t fall behind by not having someone making sure your website stays on top.

Increase Your Website SEO

So if you’re looking to grow your visitors, increase sales or outrank your competitor then its time to get in touch. I am a Gosport based SEO consultant with a number of very happy clients. I love working together with all my clients to achieve the goal.

One thing that separates me from other SEO consultancies is that I am very realistic about the timeline and what we can achieve. Many promise first page results in a month, or other unrealistic promises that rarely come true or that improve rankings shortly and then go back shortly afterward.

I’m honest about the timeline, whether it might take 1 month, a few or an ongoing effort. And I also believe in showing my work. After one month, I advise most customers to wait and see the results for themselves. And if they so choose so, they can continue. Which is most often the case.

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