new marketplace website design in gosport, Portsmouth, Southampton, lee and the uk

Marketplace Website Design In Gosport & Hampshire

Our newest website design includes a fully functional marketplace for users and vendors alike.

Marketplace Website Design

This website was had many functions in mind and all have to work together seamlessly. Here we had the job of creating an online marketplace to function as a place that users can find parking spaces and ev chargers, whilst at the same time, being able to list their own to monetise them.

Vendors need their own earnings dashboard as well as specific listing attributes. This of course needs payout methods, payment interrogations and many other features for the users and vendors.

Vendor Dashboard

We provided a dashboard, where the vendor can keep up with their earnings, requests payouts and check analytics.

Next we added profiles, settings, and of course listings areas to check and re edit any listings.

The listing form has every attribute that users and vendors would want to add or later by, including search boxes and category selectors.

The hosts get a messaging service that activates when a booking is purchased so that the two parties can finish any transaction.

We even included a partial or full refund method that the vendor can control him or her self.

Easy to Use For Users

More specifically the site has to be very easy to use for users, including mobile users. So the design of this website has to be completely mobile friendly as well as easy to use.

We provided easy search and filtering options, as well as categories in the top menu and footer. Features listings at the top results of pages and also included not he home page to encourage more purchases of featured listings.

Emails and Automation

All emails to customers, when signing up, changing information, listing and every other email have been custom written and automated in different process. This included emails for vendors, discounts and offers, subscriptions that lead to weekly post notifications and more!


If you’re looking to start a listing site, marketplace or any other type of website design, get in touch and we can help you plan and design your desired website.

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