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Website Design For A Hampshire Flooring Company

Service website design for a flooring company based in Hampshire. Take a look at the specs and how the finished product has come out.

website design flooring services

Requirements For The Flooring Website

After talking with the customer some specific needs were that the visitors need to be able to find the contact button everyone on the website.

He also requested that the front page not go on for too long as well as the rest of the website being easy to navigate and minimal in look. Close to a 1 page website design.

Services have to be listed so that clients can check past work and also see that the required work can be found by this webiste.

The contact form has to be clear and get the point and also alert the owner straight away.

Flooring Website Results

As standard some of the first things we done is add SSL, security including malware scanning, a good firewall and sign in and form security.

For the design we worked with the client to achieve a minimal look whilst conveying everything he wants the visitors to see.

website design flooring services

The form is easy to find in all areas along with easily clickable links tot he email and contact number. Taking you straight to your email or phone if you click on them.

flooring design contact us

Everything has been set up to maximise the websites SEO by indexing it on both google and Bing search engine. Its has also been added to multiple directories as business along with all titles, meta data, sharing options and displays have been completes with all the keywords for the company in mind so it can rank well on search engines.

enquiry form website design

Another thing that got requested along the way was a on site reviewing method so customers can review on thr website itself.

He was very happy with the system we added, which also gives you and overall rating and all a overview of past reviews for others to see them.

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